Published On: Thu, Nov 16th, 2023

Artemisia Gentileschi | Italian Renaissance painter

This time I am going to share beautiful paintings of Artemisia Gentileschi who was an Italian Renaissance painter and was born on July 8th 1593 in Rome, Italy. Her father was a known painter and it was he who introduced her to painting and taught her the basics of painting.

She had two brothers. Artemisia got her education from a private tutor because she was not allowed to go to an all male art school. Her tutors name was Agostino Tassi. Artemisia created a painting which depicted a
woman raped by two elders, which she named as “Susanna”. When she finished the painting, she was raped by her tutor Tassi who was sentenced to jail for one year but he never went to jail. Due to this episode in the life of Artemisia she was very influenced by a strong feminist view. She later entered into an arranged marriage with Pierantonio Stiattesi to restore honour. He was a well known and modest artist from Florence. Later they both went to Florence, in Florence Artemisia got a chance to make painting at the Cesa Buonarroti. There she became a court painter. She had in total five children, one of them was a girl and other four were sons. Out of five children only her daughter lived to the adulthood. Later she returned to Rome. She had two daughters, one of them was from Pierantonio and other one’s father was unknown.  She wanted her daughters to become a painter but didn’t succeed much.  She went to London to meet her father and her father died there.  After the civil war began in England, she went back to Naples and died in 1656 of plague that had expected to kill almost the entire generation of Neapolitan artists.

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