Published On: Fri, Dec 15th, 2023

BBC Question Time audience member dismantles SNP plan to rejoin EU | Politics | News

The SNP’s plan for an independent Scotland to rejoin the European Union has come under fire from a BBC Question Time audience member.

The audience member questioned how much independence Scotland would have if it was part of Brussels.

He suggested the nation would be bossed around by major EU players like France and Germany.

He made the comment as the issue of breaking up the UK was debated during last night’s show in Kelso in the Scottish Borders.

The audience member said: “How independent would Scotland be if we’ve got the Germans and the French telling us what to do when we get this independence?”

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Pressed on what he meant, he added: “If we got independence and we rejoined the EU, then what independence do we have?

“At least with the UK Government we have influence, we have MPs there, we can do something with it.

“We will have no say, we will be a nation of five million people at the very end of Europe that no one or very few will listen to in Brussels.”

The SNP has long called for an independent Scotland to rejoin the EU.

A paper published in November as part of the Building a New Scotland series insisted Scotland could return to Brussels “smoothly and quickly”.

But critics have warned it could take years for an independent Scotland to rejoin the bloc and that it could lead to a hard border with England.

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