Published On: Fri, Dec 15th, 2023

Best travel tips for a smooth flight as Christmas journeys cause chaos | Travel News | Travel

Christmas travel can be chaotic, as airports that keep filling up with people going home see increased delays and cancellations.

Taking some precautions can help ease off the anxiety and contribute to an overall more pleasant travel experience.

Delays can arise from various factors such as technical issues, inclement weather, or a delay in one part of the country causing a ripple effect.

It’s essential to allow ample time for your journey, considering potential delays in both reaching and departing from your destination.

Account for extended queues during security checks, luggage checks, and the transit to and from different locations, ensuring a smoother and less stressful travel experience.

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Opting for the first flight of the day can be advantageous as they are less prone to delays caused by issues at other destinations.

Choosing the first flight also allows for more time at your destination, enabling you to make the most of your travel plans.

Setting up alerts can be instrumental in planning or adjusting your travel arrangements, particularly when it comes to rescheduling connecting flights.

Many airline travel apps provide real-time updates, but it’s advisable to subscribe to text and email alerts for added convenience.

When securing flights, it sometimes helps to explore neighbouring airports near your intended destination.

Occasionally, special deals may be available at smaller airports, offering potential cost savings.

Consider investigating if booking one-way flights rather than roundtrip options proves to be more economical.

Experimenting with different travel dates can also yield significant savings, as certain days leading up to Christmas may present more budget-friendly alternatives than others.

Take the time to explore these options to optimise your savings on holiday travel, as well as plan out the best route to your convenience.

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