Rosanne Pomerleau – 1958 – Canadian Figurative Painter

Rosanne Pomerleau is a Canadian painter who was born in 1958. She loves to draw figurative works and is an award winning artist who has held many art exhibitions in the USA and Canada. Her works are in collection at various art galleries all over the world. // Source link  More...

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Willy Brandes (1876-1946) | A famous German Painter

  Willy Brandes (1876-1946) was a famous German painter. He was born in Bornstädt near Potsdam. When he was young, he learned painting as a job. Later, he went to school to learn more about painting from More...

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Reasons Behind the Demand of Disposable Cleans Towels, Their Uses and Benefits

In today’s fast-paced world, convenience and efficiency reign supreme, and disposable face towels are quickly emerging as a popular choice for skincare enthusiasts everywhere. With the demand for hassle-free More...

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Cesor Santos | Figurative Paintings

I have seen many figurative painters from all around the world but today I am going to share some of the very beautiful paintings by painter Cesar Santos. From the very first look of his paintings, I fell More...

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Still Life Watercolor Paintings By “Ottorino De Lucchi” 1951

Ottorino De Lucchi is an Italian Hyper realist Painter from Italy and was born in 1951. He is a dry brush artist who has recently developed a technique based on watercolor dry brush. This technique allows to More...

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Fredrick Arthur Bridgman | American Orientalists

Fredrick Arthur Bridgman | American Orientalists | 1847-1928 An American orientalist painter Fredrick Arthur Bridgman was born in 1847 in Tuskeegee, Alabama, More...

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Charles Courtney Curran | American Impressionist Painter

Charles Courtney was an American Impressionist painter and was born in 1861 and later in 1881 moved to place called Sandusky, Ohio. He studied for one year at design school in Cincinnati named Cincinnati School More...

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Discover the Amazing Art of Louise Abbéma

  Louise Abbéma, a distinguished French artist of the Belle Époque (1853-1927), showcased her immense talent as a painter, sculptor, and designer. Born in Étampes, Essonne, into a prosperous Parisian family More...

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Erik Theodor Werenskiold (1855 – 1938)

Erik Theodor Werenskiold (Born in 11 February 1855 – Died on 23 November 1938) was a Norwegian painter and illustrator.  He is especially known for his drawings for the Asbjørnsen and Moe collection of Norske More...

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Fabio Fabbi (1861-1906) | Renowned Italian Orientalist Painter

  Fabio Fabbi stands out as one of Italy’s most celebrated and commercially successful artists within the realm of Orientalism. This Italian artist was born in Bologna, Italy, in 1861, Fabbi’s More...