Published On: Tue, Jan 23rd, 2024

China develops new deadly ‘dream bullet’ weapon abandoned by the US | World | News

China claims to have brought to life a devastating developmental super weapon that was abandoned by the US military. The “magic bullet” fires a kinetic projectile at incredibly high speeds using an electro-magnetic ‘rail’ gun.

The sci-fi-sounding weapon can be guided onto a target using satellite navigation. While able to hit targets with a 15-metre margin of area, the weapon is deemed unusable against smaller targets.

This is such as tanks but it can easily strike a large warship or fixed target like a port. The shell can travel 2,500 metres in just one second, according to the South China Morning Post.

The US Navy is believed to have begun development of a similar concept in 2012 but by 2021 the idea appears to have been quietly shelved.

It comes as China makes moves to annexe lands from the bordering Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan as the world’s attention is focused on the threat of invasion hanging over Taiwan.

Indian media reports point to satellite images appearing to show Chinese infrastructure projects nibbling away at border territories in northern Bhutan

Indian outlet NDTV recently published satellite images showing extensive settlements capable of housing hundreds of people.

The news outlet identified over two hundred structures of various sizes, including single and multi-story buildings, and observed the construction of three additional settlements, pointing towards a long-term presence.

China is looking to gain an advantage over India with New Delhi long seeing the mountain nation as a useful buffer state.

India is growing increasingly concerned over China’s increased military might given the two countries share a 2,175-mile long frontier.

In 2017, Chinese forces entered the contested Doklam plateau on the border shared by China, India, and Bhutan, resulting in a 72-day military standoff.

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