Published On: Sun, Nov 5th, 2023

‘Dreamy’ Greek island is one of this year’s cheapest destinations | Travel News | Travel

Crystal clear waters, fresh grapes and souvlaki under the sun, is there a dreamier holiday destination than a Greek island? Unfortunately popular islands such as Santorini and Mykonos can come with a hefty price tag.

However, according to Lonely Planet’s prestigious 2024 holiday ranking, there’s another Greek island that’s one of next year’s best value destinations.

Ikaria, a pretty island in the Aegean Sea, was named one of the world’s most affordable destinations for 2024.

Lonely Planet said: “The Greek island of Ikaria seduces with aquamarine waters and wild terrain, plus an independent spirit and culture that rave-like panegyri festivals.

“Named after Icarus who is said to have crashed here after flying too close to the sun, Ikaria is also honoured as the birthplace of Dionysos, god of wine.

“Use the paved coastal road to explore the road, to visit Ikarian villages brimming with food, wine and traditional dance.”

Seychelles Beach is the island’s best ranked beach on Tripadvisor and it’s an incredibly beautiful spot with crystal clear water.

‘Robyn Whatley-Kahn’ wrote on the review platform: “Take hat and water, as the hike down to Seychelles is a bit long. But the water and white rocky beach and cave are magical once there and that is the reward.”

‘Teomusthe’ said: “Very clean waters, a magical turquoise colour. Definitely worth visiting at least once.”

It’s not just about beaches in Ikaria. Check out the Spilaio Hot Springs which are located inside an island cave.

The Theoktistis Monastery sits in the mountains on the north side of the island. Although no monks live there today, tourists can see how the community used to live.

Ikaria might also be one of the world’s healthiest holiday destinations. The island is a designated ‘Blue Zone’ where residents are renowned for their long life expectancy.

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