Published On: Tue, Nov 14th, 2023

France could relax 90 day rule for British second home owners | Travel News | Travel

France could be set to relax the strict 90 day rule for British second home owners after politicians said the group had been “punished by Brexit”.

This has impacted second home owners who used to spend a much longer period of time in France.

If Britons want to stay longer than 90 days, they have to apply for a temporary long stay visa of up to six months.

After receiving complaints from British second home owners, Martine Berthet, a senator representing the Savoie area in the Alps, tabled a change to the strict rules.

Martine said: “The Britons I have spoken to say that the current system is long-winded, difficult and full of pitfalls,” The Telegraph reported.

The amendment will still need to be debated in the National Assembly later this year before it is passed.

President Macron’s Government has said it will not back the amendment and argued that current legislation means that Britons can already stay for longer than 90 out of 180 days.

However, wait times at visa centres have reportedly spiralled since Brexit as the centres have had to cope with an influx of British applications.

If the amendment is passed, British citizens with second homes may have to carry proof of property ownership when they travel.

Under current legislation, Britons who overstay the 90 day limit could face fines or even be deported or blocked from entering the EU.

British expats in Spain are also facing issues under the current system with swallows primarily affected.

Swallows are Britons who spend the winter in Spain and return to the UK for summer.

There’s a petition asking for the 90 day limit to be relaxed in Spain but the rules are still in place.

The 90 day limit applies to the whole Schengen Area and Britons need to have their passport stamped on entry and exit to the bloc.

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