Published On: Fri, Feb 2nd, 2024

Henry Cavill Superman return – Argylle director has perfect project in mind | Films | Entertainment

Over the last decade, Henry Cavill has won over a legion of fans with his incarnation of the Man of Steel.

Sadly the lacklustre DCEU franchise didn’t do him many favours, but at least Zack Snyder’s Justice League shone a spotlight on his much-loved performance.

Fan hopes were lifted only to be crushed when the star announced his return as Superman following an end-credits cameo at the end of The Rock’s Black Adam.

Despite Dwayne Johnson’s initial plans, Warner Bros ultimately decided to go with a James Gunn reboot starring a new Kal-El played by David Corenswet in next year’s Superman Legacy.

Yet we wouldn’t be surprised if Cavill’s take on the superhero returns in the future. And by the sounds of it, his most recent collaborator is sounding pretty keen to helm it.

Outside of Gunn’s DCU franchise will be Elseworlds, other DC stories set in different universes, like the Robert Pattinson The Batman and Joaquin Phoenix Joker movies. Matthew Vaughn, who directed Cavill’s latest movie Argylle, has said he’s interested in helming a Superman movie with the star in such a film.

The graphic novel that comes to mind for him is written by Kingsman comic book scribe Mark Millar. Superman: Red Son is set in an alternate reality where Kal-El landed on Earth as a baby in the Soviet Union rather than the USA. As a result, he’s raised as a Russian Communist, who wears the hammer and sickle on his chest instead of his famous S, a Kryptonian symbol for hope.

Speaking with Post Cred Pod, Vaughn said: “I thought Red Son was one of the cleverest comics I’d ever read, and the current world we’re living in, it’s certainly become a lot more relevant because ignorance causes more issues, and I think the more we learn about Russia and the Russian history…Wow, could you imagine remaking Red Son with Henry Cavill? That would be an interesting movie…”

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