Published On: Fri, Dec 29th, 2023

How Corinna Schumacher manages the family fortune 10 years after Michael’s tragic accident | World | News

‘s shock 2013 accident left his wife, Corinna Schumacher, in control of his vast fortune, and a new report has shed light on how she has coped while handling the family finances.

December 29, 2023, marks the 10th anniversary since the F1 racer fell and fractured his skull while skiing in the French Alps, and Mrs Schumacher, 54, is reportedly “getting on with life” as her husband would have wanted.

As the Formula One world spends the anniversary remembering his legendary career, interest has turned to his wife, who has long served as her husband’s confidant.

She is now responsible for managing roughly €500 million (£433 million) the Schumachers have to their name and her husband’s post-accident life.

Insiders have told Bild, a publication based in Germany, that the German-born mum-of-two has had to take on a much larger role since 2013.

Mrs Schumacher now has her hands in all aspects of her family’s estate, the publication has revealed, which covers several sectors.

Among them is real estate, with properties scattered across different continents.

She has also spearheaded efforts to slim down the Schumacher business empire – worth half a billion Euros – and offloaded some family assets.

Mrs Schumacher has sold a private jet and home in Norway, which is no longer in use, as the family relocated to another property on the shore of Lake Geneva in 2014, where Mr Schumacher has spent much of his recovery.

She is not managing the fortune alone, as she reportedly has a team of financial advisers helping her along.

The mum meets with the small group of around four or five three to four times a year.

Aside from managing her F1 husband’s finances, the mum is a working professional in a field of her own, as she is a world-renowned reining expert.  Reining is a competition in which riders must guide their horses in a precise pattern of stops, circles and spins.

She owns multiple ranches under the CS brand in the US and Switzerland and has earned millions from competition prizes.

While she has her fingers in multiple pies, she has also managed to keep the family’s activities under wraps, with no news of what is happening to the champion racer making its way outside the Schumacher inner circle.

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