Published On: Sat, Nov 11th, 2023

‘I lived in a beautiful European city where the public transport is a work of art’ | Travel News | Travel

Public transport isn’t usually pretty. But in the Swedish capital, Stockholm, the underground offers more than just a way to get around.

Sometimes described as the world’s longest art exhibit, each of Stockholm’s Tunnelbana stations has its own unique artwork. I lived there for a year while studying and I would say it definitely helps to cheer up a journey around the city.

Of course, some of the stations are more impressive than others. Although it’s fairly easy to walk around Stockholm’s main sights, it’s worth checking out some of the stations if you’re going there on holiday.

The city’s most photographed and perhaps its most spectacular is Kungsträdgården in the heart of Stockholm.

Tourists will find artefacts, including Roman style columns and stone sculptures from Makalos Palace, which was once located at the same site.

The station is painted green, red and white to symbolise the area’s Baroque garden, gravel pathways and marble statues.

Another highlight is Östermalmstorg, the city’s third deepest subway station. Ostermalm is Stockholm’s fanciest district and home to many designer shops and exclusive nightclubs.

The art at the subway station is by several artists although sketches by Siri Derkert are perhaps the most eye-catching. Derkert was a women’s rights activist and that history is reflected in her body of work.

It might look like a science fiction movie set, but Solna Centrum station was actually designed to imitate a sunset over a forest. But it’s more than just art.

The design by Karl-Olov Bjork and Anders Aberg was created to illustrate the debate over deforestation and the environment in Stockholm.

I always found Stockholm’s tunnelbana to run on time and it’s far less crowded than the London Underground. Tourists can also buy a time limited ticket for unlimited travel so don’t need to pay per journey.

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