Published On: Wed, Nov 29th, 2023

Inside ‘hell’ brothel in Benidorm where customers tied up and beaten with baseball bats | World | News

Authorities in Benidorm, Spain, have successfully dismantled a criminal group responsible for a disturbing assault on a local brothel.

The incident, part of an investigation termed ‘Operation Lupanar,’ involved the armed entry of the criminals, who proceeded to tie up employees and customers, inflicting physical harm and theft.

The perpetrators, armed with inside information provided by the brothel’s doorman, executed the assault with precision, resulting in the theft of 7,700 euros and several mobile phones.

Six individuals have been apprehended, facing charges of robbery with violence, illegal detention, and involvement in a criminal group.

A seventh suspect, allegedly involved, is currently being sought outside Spanish territory.

The investigation started in March following a distress call to the emergency services hotline, reporting a robbery and violent incident at the brothel.

The victims included the manager, a waitress, three escort girls, two customers, and notably, the doorman who was later revealed to be complicit in the crime.

After providing initial assistance, police officers conducted a detailed visual inspection of the crime scene, collecting crucial evidence, including clothing worn by the perpetrators.

The seven-month investigation, marked by the identification of vehicles used in the robbery, revealed five direct perpetrators and two individuals providing insider information, including the doorman and his brother.

Raids on several residences led to the arrest of all members of the criminal group, with authorities seizing clothing worn during the assault and stolen mobile phones.

The investigation also uncovered plans for additional criminal activities, including the robbery of a marijuana plantation and a villa in Mallorca where a Russian citizen stored money.

Four of the six detainees have been remanded in custody, while efforts are ongoing to apprehend the seventh suspect.

The incident has prompted a reassessment of security measures in local establishments, emphasising the need for increased vigilance even in popular tourist destinations.

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