Published On: Fri, Nov 24th, 2023

Israeli hostages pictured for 1st time after Hamas releases 13 under ceasefire dea | World | News

Israeli hostages freed under the newly-brokered ceasefire deal between Israel and Hamas were pictured for the first time before they were driven back into Israel.

The Israeli government confirmed 13 Israeli women and children have been freed after over 49 days in captivity.

An additional ten Thai and one Filipino hostages were also liberated on Friday, the Qatari government said.

Ambulances lined up outside a medical facility at the Gaza-Egypt border to undergo initial medical checks.

An elderly lady was walked from one of the ambulances into the building holding on to a masked man in a hoodie while a doctor guided them inside.

A little girl wearing a yellow top and white trousers, believed to be Emilia Aloni, was seen walking out of the building holding hands with a woman.

Emilia Aloni, 5, was taken into Gaza from her home in Kibbutz Nir Oz. She was kidnapped with her mother, Danielle, who is also believed to have been released.

The released hostages will be taken to Israeli hospitals and reunited with their families.

They’re the first of 50 people to be released from Gaza during a four-day truce that began Friday.

As part of the agreement, Israel released 39 imprisoned Palestinian women and children later Friday, the first of a total of 150 Palestinian prisoners to be freed under the ceasefire.

Adina Moshe, 72, and Margalit Mozes, 77, from Nir Oz were confirmed to be among the released after neighbours recognised them as they passed the Rafah Crossing after their release.

Moshe was kidnapped from the kibbutz she helped build on October 7 after witnessing the killing of her 75-year-old husband Sa’id David Moshe.

Israeli government spokesman Eylon Levy said IDF soldiers welcoming the hostages back to the country had received special sensitivity training before meeting them.

They have been instructed to “look them in the eyes” and ask permission before picking up children or offering to hold their hands.


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