Published On: Fri, Dec 29th, 2023

Jeremy Vine sparks row after driver jailed over horror cyclist crash – was it fair? | UK | News

Jeremy Vine has sparked a row after sharing a video of a driver who was jailed because of their involvement in a crash with a cyclist.

The video shows a red Citroen pulling into the road and colliding with a cyclist who is sent flying several metres by the force of the collision.

The clip, created by West Midlands Police, revealed that the 71-year-old cyclist suffered “broken bones and a bleed on her brain”. The driver was subsequently jailed for 12 months for their part in the crash.

Mr Vine, a keen cyclist, shared the clip on X (formerly Twitter). He said: “Watch the red car. Watch the cyclist. Now ask yourself, “Was the woman on the bicycle to blame in any way for that collision? Should she have avoided it?”

“If your answer is any version of yes, YOU MUST stop driving and surrender your driving licence to the authorities.”

Mr Vine’s post has triggered a wave of debate on the social media platform. Some people believed the collision could have been avoided by actions from both parties whilst others didn’t.

Bike and Bow wrote: “It’s a wide-open corner with sweeping open entry and exit turns to both sides of that junction: the driver would have seen the cyclist. I feel that if the cyclist was a car: the convicted would not have caused a near-fatal collision.

“Did the driver have a dashcam? What did the other CCTV see?”

Neil Orpen said: “The driver is at fault but surprised they got a custodial sentence unless other factors are at play – others don’t for worse crimes. The silver car driver should have been charged too – just drove around and drove off having fully witnessed this. [sic]”

Tom Bird added that the sentence for the driver was too extreme. They said: “No question the driver was in the wrong. However 12 months in jail???

“My God that is harsh beyond belief. He immediately stopped and attended the scene. If he was drunk or on the phone etc then fair enough but if not then this was a terrible mistake worthy of the lengthy ban but not jail.”

Henry Dodds said: “The cyclist absolutely blameless in all this and had dressed for safety. The Driver was fully to blame and was probably briefly unsighted to the left by the car that was in front of him turning left. A salutary lesson for all motorists – look, and look again. [sic]”

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