Published On: Thu, Oct 26th, 2023
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Lando Norris backs Lewis Hamilton plea as FIA told they ‘tainted’ United States GP | F1 | Sport

As per the current FIA procedural regulations, four cars were checked for technical infringements after the race in Austin, including that of race winner Max Verstappen. Two of those four cars were found to be in breach of the regulations and subsequently disqualified.

This figure has caused uproar from within the F1 paddock with several drivers and key figures suggesting that many more cars would have failed the checks if the FIA went to the extent of testing all cars after the race.

Hamilton was asked about his disqualification by Sky Sports F1 ahead of the Mexican Grand Prix, responding: “There are far more drivers, cars that were illegal [in Texas].”

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Hamilton did accept the FIA ruling though, stating: “Ultimately it failed the regulation and that needs to change, but I think the sport really had such an amazing weekend, such a great turnout and a great race.

“And then every time we take a step forward within the sport, something like that really taints it. So I think we’ve gotta do something. Hopefully, they’ll learn a little bit from the future rather than checking everybody and over 50 per cent of the cars failing, which I would put all my money on it that they would have.

“I think maybe instead for example if we’re having a sprint race we should be able to change just the skid for example, or the floor or whatever it is on the Saturday night, so on Sunday you don’t have this ridiculous event afterwards.”

Norris also expressed his desire to see the FIA check more cars after races. The McLaren star benefitted from Hamilton’s disqualification in Texas, moving from third place to second following another composed drive.

“We were good,” Norris told Sky Sports F1. “It’s more teams. If one team, one car is [illegal], it’s unlikely that two cars are that different. So if one car is illegal then [there is] a high chance that the other car is. But yeah it’s the way it went. The stewards and the FIA did their job which was a good thing.”

Norris gained significant points on the likes of Hamilton and Fernando Alonso in the Drivers’ Champion in Austin, meaning he heads into the Mexican GP in sixth place, just 41 points behind the seven-time world champion in P3.

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