Published On: Wed, Oct 11th, 2023

Leopold Schmutzler | 1864-1941 | Bohemian Painter

Leopold Schmutzler | 1864-1941 | Bohemian Painter
Leopold Schmutzler was born in Bohemia in 1864 but he later got settled in Munich. His birth place was Mies. His created works like Russell-Cotes painting, ‘frock-coat’ and treat with titles such as The Suiter. He use to paint figurative work, most of which consisted of female figures. He used to paint in a realistic style which recalled the Gallant subjects of eighteenth century. These paintings were considered very fashionable that time. Leopold just like any other artist of that period was very skillful, talented and proficient in executing the details with dealing with paint and characterizes by cloying.

In most of his paintings we can see that the figures appear to be frozen and seemed to be dancing. The smiles on the faces of paintings seemed to be forced. Leopold exchanged the details of technique wonderfully. His works are rightly to be called as an art deco. I liked his technique very much; she was one of those genre painters who have inspired many new aspiring artists. Have a look at some of his beautiful paintings and enjoy the beauty of his art.

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