Published On: Tue, Dec 12th, 2023

New sleeper train with ‘pods’ for ‘privacy’ launches in Europe for solo travellers | Travel News | Travel

Austria has launched a new line of sleeper trains that feature sleeping cabins, ideal for those travelling alone or seeking to save up on accommodation.

The initial reviews are positive, with one YouTube content creator expressing enthusiasm as a “huge fan of this new innovation.”

ÖBB, Austria’s national railway company, introduced the revamped and redesigned Nightjet in October, and the new trains commenced service on Sunday, December 10.

The introduction of these innovative pod-style cabins enhances the travel experience for solo passengers, contributing to the overall positive reception of the new-generation Nightjet sleeper trains.

The solo cabins feature a range of amenities designed for convenience and comfort. Each cabin is equipped with a movable folding table, complete with an integrated mirror, coat hooks, a reading lamp, and adjacent lockers for hand luggage and shoes.

Nonstop Eurotrip, a YouTuber and travel expert, experienced the journey in one of the new pods, covering over 1,000km (621 miles) from Vienna to Hamburg, Germany.

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In his review, he hailed the design as the “most innovative idea in sleeper trains for 100-plus years,” highlighting the impact and forward-thinking approach of Austria’s revamped Nightjet sleeper trains.

The YouTube user said: “I’m a huge fan of this new innovation. I was more than happy to spend the night in one of these pods with their excellent comfort and privacy.

“It feels really spacious as long as you’re not too tall. The mattress and pillow are both very comfortable.”

During the inaugural journey, the YouTuber noted one minor downside, mentioning that the “doors don’t have a locked open position,” implying that once inside, keeping the door in an open position might be slightly challenging.

In addition to the innovative solo pods, the new-generation formations consist of 33 sets, featuring extensively redesigned sleeping cars designed for one to two people and couchettes capable of accommodating up to four passengers.

This diverse range of sleeping options enhances the overall appeal and flexibility of the revamped Nightjet sleeper trains.

The revamped Nightjet sleepers also offer luxurious sleeping cars equipped with private bathrooms, complete with a shower, and a seating area, which allows travellers to work, read, or dine in comfort during their journey.

Each new Nightjet also includes a modern, accessible couchette compartment designed to accommodate up to two wheelchair users and an accompanying person. A barrier-free toilet is accessible through a low-floor entrance.

Enhancements also include additional storage options, with six bicycle parking spaces for cycling enthusiasts and increased space for luggage, strollers, and sports equipment.

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