Published On: Sat, Jan 20th, 2024

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle blasted over Lilibet row despite ‘good intentions’ | Royal | News

But a new royal book claimed Elizabeth was “as angry as ever” after she heard the news. Charles III: New King, New Court, The Inside Story by Robert Hardman read: “One [aide] privately recalled that Elizabeth II had been ‘as angry as I’d ever seen her’ in 2021 after the Sussexes announced that she had given them her blessing to call their baby daughter ‘Lilibet’, the Queen’s childhood nickname.”

PR expert Lynn Carratt from Press Box commented on the recent claims and said even though they might have had good intentions, the Sussexes should have handled the matter differently.

She told the Mirror: “While some believe that Harry and Meghan could have handled things differently, it is generally believed that they named their daughter Lilibet as a tribute to the Queen. However, it appears that they chose the name before seeking permission, as they had already registered the domain Lilibet Diana prior to the birth of their daughter.

“The way Meghan and Harry have spoken out since Megxit has caused much upset within the royal family and they should have handled things very differently.”

The expert added: “If the Queen had expressed displeasure about the name Lilibet to Harry, I believe he could have convinced Meghan to change it. It seems like the name was chosen with good intentions, regardless of any controversy surrounding it.

“Megan and Harry should focus on their work with Netflix and showcase their philanthropy efforts. Public opinion towards them, particularly in the UK, is at an all-time low.

“To improve their image, they should work on repairing their relationship with the royal family and demonstrate their value to win back public support.”

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