Published On: Fri, Dec 1st, 2023

Prince William forced to set aside feud with Harry and Meghan to mark solemn occasion | Royal | News

Prince William was forced to put up a united front with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle following the death of their grandmother Queen Elizabeth II, author Omid Scobie claimed.

The Prince of Wales appeared to put his differences with the Duke of Sussex aside to mourn the late Queen and thank members of the public for the support they had shown.

William and Catherine, the Princess of Wales, were joined by Harry and Meghan in Windsor for a solemn walkabout during which they witnessed the overwhelming love people from around the world had for their grandmother.

But Omid Scobie has now claimed that the Prince of Wales was “close” to not inviting his brother and his wife after months of radio silence following their departure from the Royal Family.

Scobie wrote in his book Endgame that sources had claimed the King had to personally intervene to ensure his sons would come together ahead of the funeral.

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He wrote: “Essentially, he told William to swallow his pride and invite his brother and sister-in-law to join them when they greeted mourners and well-wishers in Windsor that day.

“William wasn’t keen. This was his moment with the public, but the King put pressure on [him].”

The book alleges that the royal only complied shortly before he and Kate were due to leave and he “sent his first text message in months to Harry, suggesting it would be ‘good’ if they came along, too.”

Scobie then reiterated the claims in an interview with People, in which he said that a source “said it was all led by their father, that he was the one that made the suggestion.”

He argued the joint appearance showed “that all four are capable of switching it on and doing what’s right in the moment,” and sparked hopes of a possible reconciliation.

The author said: “I thought potentially that could open doors to other moments of seeing what matters and putting certain things to one side, just to coexist or to find some sort of common ground.

“But I think the thing that surprised me the most was that afterwards everyone just went their own ways and nothing happened beyond that.”

Kensington Palace at the time said William had invited his brother and sister-in-law to join them.

However, a friend of Kate later claimed she had masterminded the event, saying: “She didn’t want her or William to have any regrets.”

Following the late Queen’s funeral, Harry and Meghan headed back to the United States where they released their tell-all Netflix documentary only a few months later.

Relations between the Duke and the Prince have remained strained, with Scobie’s book now believed to have further exacerbated the divide between the two royal brothers.

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