Published On: Sun, Oct 29th, 2023

Style expert shares clothing item ‘women over 50 really need to own’

When it comes to looking younger, mature women have plenty of options. From changing your hair colour to revamping your makeup bag or trying out a new skincare regime, there are so many quick fixes out there.

For more long-lasting solutions, cosmetic treatments (both surgical and non-surgical) can take years off a woman’s face.

Reassessing your wardrobe is something quick and easy all ladies can do if they want to look younger than their years.

Fashion influencer Deirdre, who runs the popular YouTube channel 50 & Fabulous with My Friend Deirdre, spoke exclusively to about one godsent anti-ageing clothing item.

While the influencer acknowledged that all women have their own personal style, there are some style pieces “women over 50 really need to own”.

She claimed that having certain staples in your wardrobe can make women’s lives “easier and simpler”, leaving “more time for the really important things in life, like spending time with family and living life to the full, now that we are in the prime of life!”.

Deirdre continued: “These are classics which can be maximised by mixing and matching to be worn for different occasions and to be dressed up or down, just with the addition of a few well-chosen accessories.”

According to Deirdre, one must-have fashion item for women over 50 is a “flattering dress” – which you likely already own.

The expert said: “A flattering dress is an essential item that you will find yourself reaching for time and time again. As I always say, ‘If in doubt, wear a dress!’.

“Choose a dress that you love, of course, but try to select one with more structure over those loose-fitting, baggy dresses that will be much less flattering.”

For any item of clothing – not just the dress – your choice of colour is key. Deirdre stated: “For added style points, try to select your most flattering neutral colours for these items and then choose additional pieces around that tone or in colours which complement your chosen neutrals. It will be so much easier to create cohesive outfits that way.”

Deirdre recommended three “flattering and versatile” dress styles for middle-aged women.

The fashionista is a big fan of the wrap dresses – “especially with elegant three-quarter length sleeves”.

She also loves a sheath dress worn with a little cardigan or blazer. Finally, Deidre loves fit and flare style dresses. According to the influencer, this is “probably the most universally flattering dress shape out there”. 

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