Published On: Sun, Nov 19th, 2023

Style expert shares ‘royally-approved’ trick to ‘instantly’ look expensive

It’s always the tiny details that make the biggest impact; an easy way to look more polished is to ensure all of the metals you are wearing – (think bag hardware, boot buckles and jewellery) – match. This subtle, royally-approved style trick instantly makes you look more exclusive. 

Less jewellery is definitely more, so retire your statement pieces and choose more delicate, finer ones.

Gold looks more sumptuous looking than silver, and a couple of artfully layered necklaces with a pretty bracelet and discrete watch look far more aristocratic than a trendy arm party.

Channel minimalism with your outfit too – (more Coco Chanel, less Iris Apfel). Clean, unfussy lines and quality drape are where it’s at. If in doubt follow Coco’s advice and ‘take one thing off’ before you leave the house. Please avoid logos at all costs.

Pay close attention to the fabrics in your outfit, favouring luxurious, natural fibres like silk, fine wool or pima cotton.

They drape better, last longer, flatter by reflecting the light and speak for themselves, without relying on tackier accessories to elevate them. Combining different textures together adds luxurious depth.

Good garment care is one one of the most understated style hacks, and will take you from chic to cheap in seconds.

Investment dressing; buying less and buying better, is a shortcut to looking expensive, but how you launder, store and maintain your pieces is key. Use the coolest wash on your washing machine, steam rather than iron, debobble, trim loose threads and store with love.

Having your clothes tailored is a shortcut to them looking like they were made bespoke for you. Rarely do our bodies match the ‘off the peg’ proportions of shop sizes, a good seamstress will transform the ordinary into the exclusive and you will shine with confidence.

It’s also ‘how’ you wear it; you can put a couture dress on a beautiful model, but if she is hunched in a corner it will look cheap.

Poise and posture are essential to carry off your clothing with class, so stand tall, thrust your shoulders back and walk with purpose to exude an air of authority and affluence.

Miranda Holder is a Celebrity Stylist and Royal Fashion Expert

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