Published On: Wed, Nov 8th, 2023

UK’s ‘most festive’ winter village is famous for its massive Christmas tree and chocolate | Travel News | Travel

Wintertime can be a fun time to take a cosy trip to explore some of Britain’s most beautiful areas that look like they could be on a Christmas card, and there is nowhere filled with more festive cheer than Bournville village.

Bournville is a village located in Birmingham, England which was founded by the Cadbury family in the 1800s as a place to house their employees who worked at the nearby Cadbury chocolate factory.

This charming place was designed to be an ideal village, featuring picturesque parks, Tudor-styled homes and a tranquil atmosphere but it’s now famous for its association with the UK’s biggest chocolate brand.

However, Bournville really lights up at this time of year as it has also become well-known for its cosy winter aesthetic and beautiful Christmas decorations.

Time Out has named the village the “most festive” place to visit in the UK due to the massive Atlas Cedar tree in the heart of the village, which is decorated with hundreds of coloured lights in November.

It has been described as “possibly the biggest and best Christmas Tree in the region” according to BBC Breakfast.

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Taking a stroll through the village to see it adorned with festive decorations is worth a visit in itself, but no visit to Bournville would be complete without eating some chocolate.

The most popular attraction in Bournville is of course Cadbury World, the famous chocolate company. There are many attractions to explore at Cadbury World such as the Crunchie rollercoaster or you can even try your own hand at making chocolate.

However, in November and December, there are special Christmas events for visitors to enjoy and the whole place is turned into a winter wonderland. There are even new festive chocolates added to the Cadbury shop at this time of year, making it an ideal place to do some holiday shopping.

In a video by Birmingham City Council, Cadbury World has been described as “arguably one of Bringham’s best tourist attractions.” They said: “It’s a great day out to explore this Willy Wonker-esque chocolate factory, see how chocolate is made and indulge your sweet tooth.”

However, while you may come for the chocolate Bournville has its own rich history and beautiful attractions to make you consider visiting this pretty winter village.

Rowheath Park and Pavilion is a scenic park which is known to host the village’s biggest events, including its Christmas market. You can explore local vendors or even finish your Christmas shopping in a relaxed atmosphere.

The Christmas market even has a 30-minute quiet shopping period for anyone sensitive to noise, and there will be many food vendors selling cakes, hot chocolate and many more treats.

There is also the Selly Manor Museum which dates back to the medieval era and is thought to be one of the most unique buildings in the village.

It has been a museum for over a hundred years and showcases the village’s surprising yet intriguing past, with the most intriguing local historical figures being an Italian wine merchant, burglar and also the famous chocolate maker George Cadbury, the founder of Bournville.

While Bournville may not be a traditional winter getaway, it offers a unique cosy experience during the winter months and its blend of rich history, seasonal events and chocolate tasting makes it worth a visit.

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