Published On: Thu, Nov 9th, 2023

Your Fire TV Stick may get an update you might not want to see

Your Fire TV devices could soon get an update from Amazon and it’s not going to offer more content to watch. In fact, it’s thought that the online retail giant is about to increase the amount of adverts it displays on its popular range of devices in a bid to boost revenue. That’s according to a new report from Lowpass – a weekly newsletter about the future of entertainment – who says Amazon is “doubling down on TV and video advertising.”

During a recent chat with Amazon’s director of Fire TV advertising, monetisation and engagement, Charlotte Maines, it was confirmed that adverts are here to stay and users could see more of them in the future.

There are three ways that Amazon plans to target users including context-sensitive advertising which will show sponsored messages that match certain searches.

So, if you ask Alexa to find episodes of Breaking Bad, you may see paid-for recommendations featuring actor Bob Odenkirk.

Much larger banner advertising also looks set to arrive in the coming months which will fill the top of your TV along with more context-tensive ads appearing as you scroll through your TV catalogue.

More adverts are clearly good for business but consumers might nit be so thrilled and it’s something Amazon is clearly monitoring.

When asked by Lowpass’ Janko Roettgers about the impact on users and how some may be turned off by the idea, Maines said: “If you do not enjoy using your Fire TV, you will stop using it.

“Then I don’t have an opportunity for advertisers, because I don’t have a user.”

It’s unclear when the changes will come into force but watch this space as your Fire TV Stick could soon look a little different.

News of this advertising update comes as Amazon has just launched its new Fire TV Sticks. These latest devices, which include the Fire TV 4K and 4K Max, are now faster, more powerful and get a new design with softer edges.

The Fire TV Stick 4K Max also comes with unique artwork that fills the display with images making TVs look a little less dull when they aren’t being used.

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